March 30, 2023

"Great service and prices, I live a ways a way in Kelseyville but will always use this bike shop as much as I can! Thank you!"
February 2, 2022

Best Bike Shop Ever

"Best bike shop ever! Very helpful service. They staff remember my name despite just coming in a few times (Dave and Caleb). They understand that I'm a student and are flexible to my schedule. They're very forgiving on billing. "
December 20, 2021

Great bike shop

" Daves bike shop has a wonderful selection of bikes and parts! Both Dave and John will get you the bike you want or repair the bike you already have"
August 25, 2021

"Loved loved loved this shop! Dave was so friendly and helpful he helped me find the perfect bike."
June 23, 2021

"The real 5* is for Jake. If you know, you know.__I've used Dave's for a long time for family and myself. Seen them support local rides and triathlons for many years and its great to have a bike shop that is a bike shop and knows bikes. Not a box store that "has bikes" and a mechanic whos learning on your bike. (not to discredit a starting point mind you) but you get what you pay for. John and Dave make it...their combined knowledge is astounding and frightening how much they know (in a good way). Just had my lady's cruiser and boys bike adjusted and fixed up. They informed me roughly a few months left of the little guy growing and a new bike would be needed. They gave me a price range and size run when i picked up the bikes. Its bits like that most places miss/forget/just dont care, which is why i stay local with them. And ill admit my bikes aren't worth much but they still do the job as if its -was- an expensive bike and that my friends is the key."