January 20, 2019

Great bike shop

"Great bike shop in the heart of Ukiah, great selection of bikes and accessories. Super BMX department, as there is a track in town. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable."
October 4, 2018

"Dave, John, and Jake make this shop what it is, excellent! They try to be everything to everybody in a small town that has exceptionally varying needs. That is a nearly impossible task, I think we can all agree. You can't please all the people ALL the time. It would appear based on reviews here and my own personal experience in the shop that they seem to please nearly all the people all the time. What may be exceptions, would be as an example, customers that boast about supporting local but come in and try to "shop" Dave, only to either go somewhere else in a not so small town OR worse go to the internet. Believe me most bike shop owners have been around long enough to spot getting played pretty darn easily. Also while the next town over may have a bike shop to compete with, the owners still know each other and talk. I have been in many bike shops not only across the states but across the world, if there is one thing that makes them special it is that unique experience of hanging out talking bikes, catching up on "The Giro, Tour, Vuelta, or Paris-Roubaix", checking in with local races and the favorites, and even having an espresso or beer at times. This is the culture of local bike shops. Some certainly may be sporting displays of $10k dollar bikes and $300 kits and that's ok, but that's not what makes a bike shop. Also when it comes to small town (or any town) bike shops look at what, who, and how they support cycling in their community, it speaks volumes about a shop. Dave's shop supports this community in many many ways both seen and not. A lot is asked of small businesses period in a town our size no exceptions here, so respect what he has done. Oh yea, speaking of $10k bikes, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with them, in fact I'd say mine is not far off, that is not a boast just a fact. In fact its so NOT about the cost of a bike but about getting out and riding. Obviously my bike does not come from WalMart it comes from Dave, they helped me choose the configuration, order it, assemble it, fine tune it, AND follow up with all aspects of how its running. THAT again is what a local bike shop does that the internet cannot. I am in sales and know what it takes to "get a good deal", I also know what is fair. Dave's Bike Shop has always been that. I would urge any of you looking for a bike or needing repair in Ukiah, yes small little Ukiah, where we apparently don't know what a good bike is, please go see Dave or John at Dave's Bike Shop, and don't forget to say hi to Jake!!"
August 18, 2018

One Very Happy Customer

"I purchased a new electric bike from Daves this Spring. I am sooooo happy with it. They let me try numerous bikes first and helped me pick just the right one! They also made sure it was adjusted correctly for me. Im one VERY happy customer! They have great choices in the shop and go out of their way to help you get the bike and supplies you need! Just sayin, they are also great community supporters!"
August 7, 2018

Incredibly Friendly!

"Incredibly friendly and prompt service. Will get anything you need whether out-of-the box or specialized/custom done."
July 23, 2018

Awesome Service

"Had a flat. Repaired on site right away. Awesome service."