November 18, 2019

"I really enjoyed the entire staff. They had a lot of knowledge and made buying a bike very easy with fair prices."
July 31, 2019

"Great place to find anything and everything for bicycles. Great, helpful, friendly staff. We highly recommend this business. The products here are high quality. We still have our Gary Fisher, almost 30 years old! It still rides smoothly after getting a few repairs from Dave's Bike Shop."
May 18, 2019

Good Place to Buy a Bike Helmet

"Dave bike shop is a good place to go buy your bike helmet when you go bike riding around town and get your bike tire fixed when your tire is flat and they do have bike rentals to rent a bike if your car is in the shop and they do have electric bikes"
May 9, 2019

Dave’s is the Best Bike Shop

"Dave's is the best bike shop in over a 100 mile radius. Always professional, know what they are doing and how to help you."
April 25, 2019

Great Prices

"Great service,great selection, great prices ,everything you want in a bike shop!"