August 7, 2018

Incredibly Friendly!

"Incredibly friendly and prompt service. Will get anything you need whether out-of-the box or specialized/custom done."
July 23, 2018

Awesome Service

"Had a flat. Repaired on site right away. Awesome service."
June 18, 2018

Great Service!

"Loyal Customer for 20+ years. Great service. Nobody does more for cycling in Ukiah than Dave and his crew. THANKS!"
June 16, 2018

Extremely Knowledgeable and Helpful

"Always extremely knowledgeable and unimaginably helpful, there isn't anywhere else in Ukiah to go for your cycling needs. Plus they have a four legged staff assistant who will shove his big cute nose under your hand to casually demand pets, back scratches, and tummy rubs if you woo him properly. Go here for new cycles, repair or refurbishment of your tired old bike, or if you just need to rent a bit for a few days while visiting our beautiful valley. Don't go to Walmart"
June 13, 2018

Customer For Many Years

"I have been a customer of Dave's shop for many years. About twelve years ago I bought a Giant SImple Seven Cruiser through Dave and for years i took it into the shop and bike was serviced quickly, professionally and economically. Well about five months ago while going to the market at night I hit an unexpected monster of a pothole and the seat tube broke off of the frame at the weld. I was pretty upset as I had just gotten back into riding again and was really enjoying it. Also, I loved my Giant SS Cruiser after all these years and couldn't really afford a new bike of similar quality. I contacted Dave about the cost of a repair and he reminded me that the frame was under lifetime warranty through Giant. He referred me to Windsor Cyclery as Dave's was not an official Giant Dealer and they were also able to print a copy of the original receipt after going through their old computer. Well I drove the old cruiser down to Windsor, dropped it off and a few days later Giant sent them a new frame to which they put the original parts and made the adjustments and even replaced some minor hardware. They did a great a great job and all free of charge in about a week. Dave's shop and the Windsor cyclery both excelled in following through on their service and commitment to customers. I'm riding my bike on errands everyday, rather than drive, and am grateful we have such outstanding local businesses."